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  • Claire Ledgard

    Claire Ledgard

    Líder de Experiencia y Product Design Leader. #UX #Researcher #Coach #Overthinker. De Barcelona, con base en Chile.

  • Ryan Heslin

    Ryan Heslin

    Twitter: @HslnRyn London, England.

  • Wagner Ramos

    Wagner Ramos

  • Tan Zhou

    Tan Zhou

  • JEH3


  • Jonathan Montalvo

    Jonathan Montalvo

    I am a UX/UI Designer bridging my love for people with technology.

  • Karen Campa

    Karen Campa

    Product Designer @ Facebook Reality Labs (AR/VR). Creator of Immersive Design (Reality Check Newsletter) https://medium.com/immersive-design

  • Cale Shapera

    Cale Shapera

    Cale Shapera is a Chatbot Architect at Comm100. He uses his experience in web development and knowledge management to create cutting-edge AI chatbot solutions.

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